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Dakota Hills Holiday Boutique

Saturday, December 4th, 2021

9am to 4pm

Dakota Hills Middle School

4183 Braddock Trail, Eagan

Easter Bunny (AKA Becca Bunny) testimonials

Thank you for helping provide such a fun activity! My kids were so excited to have something holiday related to do. On their zoom call with grandparents they kept telling them how nice and helpful the Easter bunny was.


Your Amazing! Thank you! Thank you! You don’t know how much that made my kids day!!! Thank you!


Yesterday was a great event! Becca Is an AMAZING bunny!!! She was so good with all of the kiddos, especially the ones that were really shy or scared of the Easter Bunny! Thank you Becca for being the bunny and putting together goodie bags!


Thanks a ton my kids were sssoo happy to see the Easter Bunny! Happy Easter!


Becca was awesome! Such a fun day. Especially seeing so many kids in the store all dressed up.